Hey there everyone! My name is Dylan Fox! Some call me D, some call me Dyl; the choice is yours!

I am SO happy that you chose to take some time out of your day to visit my site! I know with social media its easy to bypass a website, but I believe this will give you a bit more confidence in who I am! I believe in transparency from client to photographer so let me start off by telling you a little about myself!

I first picked up the camera in mid to late 2010 right after finishing high-school in hopes of becoming a wild-life / landscape photographer. I quickly realized that I enjoyed portrait photography so much more & made the switch. NOW I do still love to snap photos of everything, but in terms of profession, I am a wedding / elopement & lifestyle portrait photographer! I love to chase the shadows & create those moody intimate moments! I actually didn’t shoot my first wedding until early 2017 & I instantly fell in love, after that I decided to really put my whole soul into in & haven’t looked back…

I believe in raw emotion, there is a 100% judgment free zone when you hire me for a session & I want you to be as comfortable with me together as you are in your own home! You have any silly things you do together? I want to see them! I believe in a lasting relationship with my clients. I do not want our relationship to be restricted to a digital gallery that I send you of your final photos; so in your inquiry email, tell me some things about you two!

I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, I dont think that it could be watched enough! I have an extremely big sweet tooth, my wife sometimes gets annoyed how much I request brownies and cookies. I’ve been rumored to show up to sessions with donuts, or if you’re inquiring for something a little more intimate I have even been rumored to show up with your favorite alcoholic beverage. I have FOUR dogs & no, im not crazy; Rome, Willow, Mya & Maggie! If you bring your dog to our session I will be one happy photographer. I love adventure, so I encourage that!

I love forward to hearing from you & I really appreciate you taking the time to check me out!





Instagram handle: @dylanfox

Facebook: Foxtog